blue ridge garden club 


This organization shall be known as The Blue Ridge Garden Club

The purpose of this club shall be the cultivation of gardens, to stimulate and encourage the conservation of our environment, and to participate in the beautification of the community

Section 1.    Membership shall consist of Honorary Life, Active, and Associate members.
Section 2.    Honorary Life memberships shall be awarded to those members who have made exceptional contributions to the club but who feel they can no longer participate fully in the activities of the club
Section 3.    Active membership shall consist of members who have an active interest in gardening, the art of flower arranging, and participating in the projects of the club.
Section 4.    associate membership shall consist of members who are vitally interested in the objectives of the club but cannot accept the responsibilities of an active member. (SR #I)
Section 5.    Application for active membership shall be completed by sponsor or a seconder and prospective member.  Proposed member shall have attended two meetings of the club with sponsor or seconder at which time applicant may become a member.  (SR #3 and Section 2 of the bylaws Article VI)


Section 1.  Elected officers shall be:  president, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, and Assistant Treasurer.
Section 2.    These officers are to be elected at the October Business Meeting for a term of one year or not to exceed two years unless approved by the Board of Governors for an additional term of one year.
Section 3.  Appointed officers shall be an Archivist and a Parliamentarian
Section 4.  The board of Governors shall consist of the elected officers, appointed officers, and an advisory committee consisting of four members.
    A  Advisory Committee members will serve for a term of two years with two members being nominated and elected from the general membership annually at the October business Meeting.

Section 5.  The Nominating Committee shall consist of four members.  The two retiring members of the Advisory Committee who will serve as Co-chairpersons and two persons from the membership appointed by the president.  The president will serve as an advisor (nonvoting).  This committee will resve for a term of one year.
Section 6.  The fiscal year shall be from the last meeting of the year to (and including) the last meeting for the ensuing year. (SR #4)

Section 1.  The president shall preside over all meetings of the club, and the advisory committee; serves as an advbisor to the nominating committee; makes appointments to the offices of the archivist and the parliamentarian; appointschairpersons of all committeesexcept eh program and finance committees; serves ex officio as a member of all committees except the nominating committee.  Plans for the club's current and future success and fills vacancies in offices.
Section 2.  The Firs vice President shall assume the office of the president in her absence and shall be chaiperson of the program committee.
Section 3.  The second vice president shall assume the office of the first vice prsident in her absence, shall be a member of the program committee, and shall be chairperson of the finance committee (SR #10)
Section 4.  The Recording Secretary shall keep records of all meetings.
Section 5.  The Corresponding Secretary shall conduct the correspondence of the club  and shall be responsible for publicity and preparing announcements of meeting for the newspaper.
Section 6.  The Treasurer shall receive and disburse all funds for approed expenditures and send out necessary bills for dues.
Section 7.  The Assistant Treasurer shall assume the office of the treasurer in her absence
Section 8.  The Archivist shall keep a narrative account of the club's activities and serve as curator of any material of value that may be of service to the club.
Section 9.  The Parliamentarian, when
requested ,shall give advice to the president; and, when didrected,, give advice to the members.
Section 10.  The Board of Governors shall be in charge of the affairs and business of the club from the close of the annual meeting until the first meeting of the ensuing year, be authorized to change meeting and add meetings as necessary for the good of the club, ber responsible for appropriate standing rules, and approve honorary memberships.

Section 1.  Annual dues, a requisite for active and associate memberships, shall be $20.  A new member, if joining after July 1, will pay $10 for the remainder of the current year. If the Board of Governorsdeems it necessary to increase the annual dues, they will do so at their discretion.  (approved October 1990) (SR #6)
Section 2.  Dues for new members shall be payable at the second meeting attended.

Section 1.  Regular meetings are traditionally eld on the 3rd Wednesday of the month or on the dates and times arranged by the program committee.  All meetings are held April through October
Section 2.  Business meetings shall be jeld in April and October, However, a special business meeting may be called by the president or at the request of any three members
Section 3.  The Board of Governors' meetings shall be called by the president.  If a quorum is not present, the absent members will be contacted by phone for their vote.

Section 1.  The last meeting of the program year shall be the annual October business meeting.
Section 2.  Officers shall be elected at the October Business Meeting and will assume office upon completion of the meeting.
Section 3.  Annual reports from the chairpersons, exvept the program, finance, hospitality, and nominating are due at the October business meeting (sr #8)

Any expenditure exceeding $100 not allocated in the budget shall be presented to the Board of Givernors for approval. The President shall have no more than $100 discretionary spending.

Roberts rules of order shall govern all cases to which they are applicable; and, in which, they are not inconsisten with these bylaws.

ARTICLE XI:  STANDING RULES   Standing rules shall be adopted, modified, or rescinded as a meeting of the board of governors with the vote of a quorum.  See Section III, Article Vii

Amendment(s) to the bylaws may be proposed at any business meeting or at any special business meeting.  Such proposed amendment(s) shall be referred to a committee for consideration and then returned for a vote at the next business meeting.  The committee shall be appointed by the president.  A two thirds vote of those present at the business meeting shall be necessary for the recommendation of the proposed amendment(s)